Crime Prevention


As this site develops, we intend to include timely advice and tips on how to reduce the chances of becoming a victim of crime. Sometimes we will be repeating old but valuable advice, on other occasions we will be ‘breaking news’ on a new trend. We will try to keep our advice brief and to the point, while including links for those who wish to know more.

The rationale behind crime prevention work is simple; prevention is better than cure. It is far better to stop an offence happening than having to put post-event resources into an investigation. More importantly, fewer crimes mean fewer victims.

Much academic study has gone into the reasons why a crime happens, some of it makes interesting reading. For everyday purposes however, it boils down to ‘if a motivated offender spots something of value which is not adequately secured, he may attempt to take it’.

Some common crimes and how they might be prevented are covered by clicking the crime prevention article links in the top navigation.

Links to Useful Information

  • The Little Book of BIG Scams

    Every year, the British public loses billions of pounds to scammers. The MPS’s Operation Sterling Team is pleased to bring you the Little Book of BIG Scams.

    — Read the Booklet —

  • H&F Council: Crime prevention

    Much of the council’s work is strategic in nature and they work closely with partners in the Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership to achieve this aim.

    — Visit the Site —

  • Met Police: Crime prevention

    To achieve our aim of making London the safest major city in the world we need the people who live here, work here and visit here to do their part.

    — Visit the Site —

  • Sold Secure – tested to reduce crime

    Sold Secure is the premier testing and certification house for security products. On this site you will find the full range of products tested and approved by Sold Secure.

    — Visit the Site —

  • Master Locksmiths Association

    A not-for-profit trade association established in 1958, the MLA licenses its approved locksmith companies through strict vetting and regular inspections.

    — Visit the Site —

  • Immobilise – the FREE UK Property Register

    Create a FREE private and secure portfolio of all your personal property. Use Immobilise to tell law enforcement, your insurer, and the second-hand trade in case of theft.

    — Visit the Site —

Useful Documents & Booklets