Vehicle Crime

Sadly, it’s a fact of modern life that criminals will spot and take valuables left in parked cars. Cars are broken into more easily than homes and sentences on conviction are less than for burglary. Many younger offenders start their criminal careers breaking into cars. They cycle around looking for items left on display, sometimes they strike lucky and find items of real value, on other occasions they may be tempted by a quantity of small change. As in the case of burglary, innovative accessories will appeal; radios, CD players and most recently, satellite navigation systems & mobile phones have been targeted.

The safest approach is to assume your car will be ‘checked out’ and never leave anything of value in it. Remove the Sat Nav and its cradle. When driving, keep your phone in a pocket or bag, you will not need it while on the move and when you leave the car, you will not accidentally leave it behind.

Analysis shows visitors to the Borough are particularly vulnerable to car crime. Areas close to shops and centres of entertainment are frequent ‘hot spots’. Similarly, those visiting local residents may also be at risk, so please, advise your visitors accordingly.