Courier fraud


Thursday December 20, 2012

Operation Sterling is run by the MPS proactive fraud prevention/disruption team to counter this scam.

Operation Sterling have prepared the following advice:

What is a courier fraud?

Someone will call you at home claiming to be from your bank or the Police and they will say there has been criminal usage on your card, or that it is faulty. They will be persuasive and plausible but ultimately want you to give them your credit card and PIN number.

Method used

They will then say they need your card along with your PIN Code. They will ask for the card to be put into an envelope. Another variation is that they say that you need to empty your account and will ask you to withdraw all your money.

They will then arrange for a courier/taxi driver to collect the card or the cash you have withdrawn. The card/cash will then be collected and money will be taken from cash machines.

Keeping the phone line open

Sometimes they tell you to ring your bank to confirm the conversation. They will then keep the line open and when the victim then tries to ring their bank in fact they are simply speaking to the fraudster again.

Key messages to give out to the public:

  • If you receive such a call end it immediately.
  • Your bank will never attend your home.
  • Your bank and the police will never collect your bank card – and never use couriers to collect your bank card.
  • Your bank and the police will never ask for your PIN.