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Tuesday July 22, 2014

The immobilise website is perhaps one of the most important things to happen with regard to crime prevention.

It could not have happened until we had the internet and web, which allow it to work so successfully. In fact it originated as a way of recording stolen mobile phone IMEI numbers and all the major mobile companies list their phone details on the site.

Police have asked residents and businesses to record the unique serial numbers of their valuables, often the list (if done) is lost or written on the computer taken!

Immobilise allows individuals to keep a list securely on the web. When police recover property or do a check on a serial number in the street, this is the database we check against.

It is not a property marking system. If you wish to have that as well then feel free to do so. But I would always ask that you record unique serial numbers on

Remember as an individual you can access your details, from a smartphone, computer or even (if on holiday) from an internet cafe should an item be stolen and you need to tell us the details.

We, the Police, can only access the database from a Police computer (recording who and why), but we cannot see a list of the property you own, only the details (if registered) of the item whose serial number we have entered.

Incidentally, if you are finding it hard to locate the serial number of an item, if you put the items details into an internet search engine along with ‘serial number’ you will often find a picture showing the location.

Visit the Immobilise Website

 Download the Immobilise property register information leaflet

Dave Hinton