Motor vehicle theft on the increase


Wednesday February 11, 2015

Dear Coordinator,

Just to flag up to you a crime type that has increased over the last year or so. Whilst most crime types have markedly reduced, ‘theft of motor vehicle’ remains a problem. Police figures for the borough show a 22% increase at the moment (608 in the rolling year to date – just under 2 a day). This is a London-wide problem. See this Evening Standard link.


It’s mainly mopeds that are being stolen. They are easy to steal, there are many more around than a few years ago and whilst many are taken simply for a ‘joy-ride’ they can be exported abroad as they are not left-hand/right hand drive! If you are a moped owner, we have put together some useful advice in this PDF file.

Keyless Entry

One of the benefits of modern technology! Unfortunately keyless entry brings it’s own problems, and a number of van types and some high value cars are particularly vulnerable. The Evening Standard article quotes police… “Ford Transit, Ford Connect and Mercedes Sprinter vans are the most commonly stolen vehicle using keyless methods, followed by BMWs and Land Rover models, including Range Rovers”.

Police are working with manufacturers to target-harden vehicles, and are adopting various other tactics. Locally, the police and council are sending letters to all Piaggio owners on the DVLA database giving crime prevention advice. Piaggios are the most commonly stolen moped locally – but perhaps the most prevalent on our streets too. The Met have stated that drivers of some high value vehicles may be stopped at night to check ownership. Mopeds too are being regularly checked.

If you are the owner of a keyless entry car the Met Police website has some useful advice here.