Our AGM on Tuesday 15 September


Wednesday September 16, 2015

Pat Cosgrave (left) is presented with the Douglas Hurd Cup by H&F NHW Chairman David Millar

Thank you to the coordinators who were able to make it to the AGM last night. I think it is important to give you all a brief overview of the meeting.

  1. The Douglas Hurd Cup
    We presented the Cup to Pat Cosgrave who I’m sure is known to most of you as our key support from the Council’s Community Safety Unit. Pat has been tireless in his encouragement and development of NHW since its inception in the Borough and is now relinquishing this role to Simon Paterson. We thank Pat for all his contributions and commend him as a worthy recipient of the Douglas Hurd Cup.
  2. Borough Crime Statistics
    The presentation I gave is attached further down this web page. For the last year 14/15 there was a 6.5% increase in overall reported crime which slightly goes against the long-term downward trend. Details are contained in the accompanying slides and it should be remembered that H&F is generally a relatively low crime Borough.
  3. Current Review of Policing in London
    The majority of the meeting covered the possible outcomes of the review that is being undertaken by the Met as they seek to establish what role the police will have in the light of further funding cuts.

Whilst no decisions have yet been taken – there is an important meeting on the 29th September – it has been reported in the press that there are two possible consequences that would have an effect on us as NHW members.

  1. The position of PCSOs would be abolished or at least seriously reduced.
  2. Individual Boroughs would be amalgamated into ‘Super Boroughs’ of three or four and the support of ward based policing would no longer exist.

I must emphasise that the above is speculation. However, a quote from Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe – “we have to redefine what visible policing means or we’ll be taking officers away from high-skilled productive jobs just to be seen out and about” gives a sense of their direction of travel.

I think it is fair to say that all attending last night’s meeting felt this was a potentially worrying situation. It should be noted that there is to be no consultation on this process.

At the conclusion of the AGM it was agreed we, NHW coordinators, should meet when we have some clarity on the outcomes and a better understanding of the implications for NHW. On present knowledge I would expect this to be in the second half of October.

As there are no immediate actions we can take (I know that the Met and MOPAC are aware of public feelings on this matter) I would ask for your patience and I will contact you as soon as we have some substance.

Here is a copy of the Powerpoint presentation I used at the AGM (as a PDF file).

Community Safety 2014-15 Overview

Thank you for your continued support of NHW.

David Millar – Chair H&F NHW Borough Association