What you can do to reduce summer crime


Friday August 7, 2015

Police are asking residents to be vigilant over the summer to help keep crime down in Hammersmith & Fulham.

Cases of residential burglaries often increase in the summer months. This can be the result of doors and windows being left open in warm weather or houses being unoccupied when people go on holiday.

PC Dave Hinton, Crime Prevention Design Advisor from H&F Police added: “A lot of crimes can be prevented by taking a few simple preventative steps. By doing these and by reporting suspicious activity to 999, the public can help us to keep crime down.”

H&F Police recommend the following simple steps to help protect against becoming a victim:

  1. Close the windows of any unoccupied room that is accessible from the outside.
  2. Never leave valuable goods next to an open window.
  3. Make sure that your front door, side gates and other points of access are secured.

If you have a garden shed, make sure you securely lock away any tools that a burglar could use to force entry to your property.

If you are going on holiday, use a timer to turn on your lights and radio periodically to make your property look occupied. If possible arrange for a friend or neighbour to look in on your property from time to time.

One crime that has been on the increase across London is the theft of scooters. The following steps are recommended if you do own a scooter:

  1. If possible store your scooter or motorbike off-road in a garage or front garden using a good quality wall or ground anchor. Alternatively park your bike in a busy, well-lit area and lock your bike to an immovable object.
  2. Use a Sold Secure gold standard motorcycle lock and chain (www.soldsecure.com)
  3. Ensure your bike is fitted with an approved electronic immobiliser and alarm.
  4. Cover your machine with a plastic canvas or plastic cover when not in use.

PC Hinton added: “People may have read about an increase in thefts from and of cars by criminal gangs using electronic overrides of a vehicle’s central locking system. Whilst manufacturers are working to tackle this issue I would advise people who are worried about having their vehicle stolen to invest in a good old-fashioned steering lock. And as always, never leave anything of value on display in your car, or in the boot.”