Potential con artist/burglar working in the W6 Brackenbury area


Wednesday March 23, 2016

A recently retired professional lady living in Redmore Road received a knock on the door from a ‘cheeky chappie’ type who said he was working for a builder working on the property behind her garden (Raynham Road) and he needed to check something from her side of the fence. He made the mistake of asking if this lady’s son or daughter was in. So this lady asked which road he was working in but he did not know.

Clearly, she had the presence of mind and wit to refuse him entry, following which he said he would send his boss round…

Clearly, this lady (instinctively knowing that something was not right here) was not perturbed by this threat. This lady knew that if there had been an issue with the adjoining property that needed to be discussed, then the neighbour/house owner from Raynham Road would have come round themselves to make the request first.

So, once the door was closed and the incident was over, my neighbour looked at the end of her garden, and could see no signs of any building work taking place on the property adjoining hers in Rayham Road.

She then advised me as NHW co-ordinator of this incident for me to share more widely.