Safer Neighbourhood Board

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  • What We Do

    The Hammersmith & Fulham Safer Neighbourhood Board (SNB) has been established to set policing priorities for the Borough and hold the Police to account for delivering them.

    The SNB also has the remit to oversee a broad range of activities that have an association with crime.

Safer Neighbourhood Board Information

    • Board Minutes

      Download and read the Safer Neighbourhood Board’s Minutes as PDF files.

      Board Minutes
    • H&F Crime Roadshows

      Residents praised the hard work by local police despite cuts during a series of crime roadshows.

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    • Bike ‘Old Bill’ Project

      More soon.

    • Youth Project

      More soon.

    • Other Projects

      More soon.

Safer Neighbourhood Board Members

  • Community Representatives

    • David Millar (Chair of SNB)
    • Sarah Chambers (South Cluster representative)
    • Matthew John (Central Cluster representative)
    • Rebecca Lane (North Cluster representative)
    • Fay Llewellyn (Central Cluster representative)
    • Amanda Lloyd Harris (South Cluster representative)
    • Paul McInulty (HAFFTRA representative)
    • Marie Thomas (HAFFTRA representative)
    • Nick Wood (North Cluster representative)
  • Standing Members

    • Cllr Mike Cartwright (Deputy Leader, H&F Council)
    • Chief Inspector Simon Causer (Neighbourhood Policing)
    • Pat Cosgrave (Community Safety Unit, H&F Council)
    • Claire Rai (Head of Community Safety, H&F Council)
    • Chief Superintendent Gideon Springer (Borough Commander)
    • Ifeoma Williams (Victim Support)